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"Domite® combines impact resistance and abrasion resistance like no other comparable material"

Domite® Wear Parts are a distinctive material in that they combine a hardened face of proprietary cast white iron with very high wear resistant qualities (700 BHN – 63 Rc) with the workability of mild steel (44w) to create an exceptional product that is resistant to impact and abrasion while retaining ductile characteristics and easy attachment.

Domite® Wear Parts are only manufactured by Domite Wear Technology Inc. Domite® is a registered trademark and cannot be used without expressed authorization. With a successful track record in solving severe wear impact problems, in many industries Domite has been treated as a generic name. Not all laminated wear plates are Domite as we maintain careful control over all phases of production, this ensures soundness, optimum micro-structure and a strong metallurgical bond are achieved.

For over 50 years Domite® has proven its durability and value to the mining and material handling industries throughout the world by supplying the premium wear resistant material. 100% of the product from pattern work, casting, machining, assembly, diffusion bonding, heat-treatment, inspection, fabrication and packaging is performed at our facility located in Paris, Ontario, Canada. By carefully controlling all phases of production it allows us to offer competitive pricing and excellent reaction times. From small one-off custom parts and prototyping to large scale projects, Domite® has the capacity and knowledge to work on any project big or small.

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